Business Owners – Let’s Make a Plan

Business owners are some of the best planners. Ask them about their company, and they can tell you what their 10-year goals are and the strategies to get there. It makes sense because that business is what that owner knows inside and out. But what we as business owners are notorious for is pushing off … Read more

Business Valuation Basics

As an investor, you always have to be aware of the economic value of your interests in the business. The only way you can get these estimates right is through a professional business valuation. Apart from knowing the economic value of your investment, there are many other reasons why business valuation is important. But what … Read more

Why We Are All Watching Inflation

The single topic I am getting the most questions about from clients recently is inflation. We’ve seen the discussion about discussing raising rates move the stock market, so let’s dive into why higher inflation is typically viewed as a negative for the stock market. First, we need to understand why inflation can drag down the … Read more