Serving the Re-Wired Investor

We are revolutionizing an antiquated industry. Finally, a comprehensive wealth management solution for the modern investor.


Financial Planning

  • How do we optimize your personal finances?
  • What means the most to you and your life for us to achieve?
  • What are the tools necessary to achieve your plan?

Estate Planning

  • How do you want your assets to transition in your estate?
  • Do you have all the right documents in place and up to date?
  • What advanced strategies should you be considering?


Life Insurance

  • Is your family protected if something happens to you?
  • Are you positioning life insurance in your financial plan ideally?
  • What advanced insurance strategies may fit your financial situation?

Long-Term Care

  • Would a long-term care event blow up your financial plan?
  • How do we protect against the unexpected without wasting money?
  • If you’re not protected, who will be taking care or you? Or who will you be taking care of?

Tax Strategies

  • Are you keeping as much in your pocket as possible?
  • Are you taking full advantage of the tax code?
  • Have you factored in, and prepared for, your future tax situations?


Portfolio Management

  • How do we weave together all your investment classes, including your business, stocks, real estate, commodities, art, and more?
  • What asset classes fit your goals?
  • Are you considering external factors such as taxes, charitable giving, or interest rates?

Investment Strategies

  • Have you done a portfolio analysis to know where you’re overlapping and where you’re exposed?
  • Do you need to be considering advanced strategies such as structured notes, hedge funds, or private equity?
  • How do we optimize your investments to work for you?

Risk Management

  • What are the different risk parameters you have in the different scenarios in your life?
  • How do we balance volatility with growth?
  • Are you taking the right amount of risk to achieve your goals?

Individual Investor Solutions

Individual Investing Re-Imagined - Empower Your Money To Work For You

HENRY Stands For “High Earnings Not Rich Yet”. This Could Apply To Anyone, Any Age, Any Stage In Life.
Have You Fully Developed Your Personal Financial Plan? A Portfolio Analysis Helps Us Understand Where We Currently Are.
Optimizing & Improving Your Portfolio Based On Your Goals Allows Your “Portfolio Strategy” To Align With Your Actual Portfolio “Execution”.
This Allows Us To Work With You To Clearly Define Your Overall Investment Strategy.
Do You Have The Personal Protection You Need To Protect You Against The Majority Of “Life Events”? We Look Through Your Personal Protection & Ensure You Are Covered In All The Major Areas Of Your Life.
Whether You Think You Need It Or Not, Outlining Your Estate Plan Ensures Your Assets Go Where You Want Them To Go If Ever Needed. This Also Helps In Planning Your Goals For Your Future “Estate”.

These Are Some Of The Key Steps We Take Pride In Helping All Modern Investors Have Set Up.

Individual Investor Services

  • Start with the personal financial plan
  • Do a portfolio analysis
  • Optimization of that analysis and see what their actual plan is
  • Investment Strategy
  • Protection (insurance, etc.)
  • Estate Planning

Let us grow your net worth while we’re also protecting your most valuable resource: time.